Running groups in Barcelona: Joining a community of runners. Here you can run for free with others.

Running is a popular sport in Barcelona, and there are several running communities in the city that cater to different levels and interests. Joining a running community can be a great way to meet new people, stay motivated, and improve your running performance. In this article, we will explore some of the benefits of joining a running community in Barcelona.

Here you have an overview of weekly activities you can join for free.

Monday19h00Barcelona Casual Runners: Monday is Montjuic
Tuesday19h30Barcelona Casual Runners: Barcelona Casual Runners Weekly Meetup
Wednesday07h30Sunrise running : Barceloneta run (or walk)
Friday07h30Sunrise running : Barceloneta (or walk)

Kevin Haesendonck

Kevin Haesendonck is a long-distance runner from Leuven (BE) who became best known for diving under 3 hours at the Antwerp Marathon in 2013. He was the founder of the Belgian runners' collective "de Bosrunners" and discoverer of the man with the hammer at 15 km in the marathon. After his retirement at the highest level, he moved to Barcelona, from where he continues to share his knowledge and experience.

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